Using Pinterest Ads in 2017, Post Update

Using Pinterest Ads in 2017, Post-Update

A little while ago I wrote an article about Pinterest, in which I talked about the challenges of using the Pinterest Ads platform. The bizarre quirks on the Pinterest Ads website made it difficult to create, edit, and iterate on new ads.

Since then, there’s been a lot of change on the platform and the changes have been so drastic that I thought it was worth doing a new review, looking at the new changes that have come about from this UI refresh. Spoiler alert, I think there’s been a lot of improvement. Let’s dive in.

Watch the YouTube video of this essay here:

Changes on Creating New Ad Flow

There have been substantial changes to the way the campaign is created and launched. It starts with the structure and the onboarding flow. Campaigns now have Ad Sets which contain Ads – same as with Facebook.

You choose your Campaign type, name your campaign, and then start creating the settings for your Ad Set.

Setting Your Targeting

Editing Your Targeting is a lot easier now with the creation of Actalike audiences, which are similar to Facebook’s Lookalike audience. If you have the Pinterest Pixel installed you will be able to run these and see how they perform.

The old targeting metrics are still available – Keywords, Interests, Locations, Languages, Devices, and Genders – but it seems like they have been de-emphasized. This is for good reason – I found the performance poor.

Dashboard Ad Metrics

This is an area of great improvement. Weird, arguably non-relevant metrics such as “Saves” and “Closeups” have been de-emphasized in favor of more direct marketing-friendly metrics such as CTR, Add to Carts, and Purchases.

Holes Still to Plug

There are still some things left to do. Some of the things that most come to mind are:

  • Improvements in creation and selection of Pins to use for Promotion
  • Speed in launching and advertising Pins
  • More flexibility in tagging URLs for Promoted Pins

This is amazing progress and makes me much more likely to advertise on Pinterest. Allowing us the ability to speed up and add more creative unlocks more of the platform’s potential.


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