The Guide to Finding or Making Creative for Your Ads

Paid social advertising mediums are more difficult to deal with than other forms of advertising like search because you have to constantly set up a pipeline of creative. Facebook is a visual medium, which means that if you want your ad to stand out and perform well then it has to have an eye catching piece of image creative. Finding the right image for your ads is a big deal. After audience targeting, your image creative is the most important part of your ad.

But not every advertiser is going to be able to work with a dedicated designer or be able to bug them all the time for this. Here, we are going to discuss various resources for creating new creative for fresh ads.


Canva’s Facebook ad templates are simple but fantastic

Canva is the number one free website service that I currently use for generating website ads.

Image Resources

There are a number of free image resources available on the Internet. They range in quality and quantity but are worth sifting through.

Facebook has a deal with Shutterstock to give you access to a number of plain but comprehensive stock images for your ads. It is an underused resource.

Death to the Stock Photo – they send you a great photo every so often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which does better between custom videos, still images, or Facebook’s “video” slideshows?

I have tested this a lot in head to head competitions between ads within the same ad set. CTR-wise, edited videos almost always do better than slideshows, which most of the time do better than still images. Videos always do better than still images.

And in case you were thinking, when it comes to post-click performance I found that the same rings true as with CTR. It is only very rarely that a video does worse post-click despite having a higher CTR – to me it indicates that there might be something wrong with the tracking or the URL.


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