Pulling It Together

The Guide to Finding or Making Creative for Your Ads

Paid social advertising mediums are more difficult to deal with than other forms of advertising like search because you have to constantly set up a pipeline of creative. Facebook is a visual medium, which means that if you want your ad to stand out and perform well then it has to have an eye catching… read more »

Paid Advertising Self-Evaluation Checklist

Paid Advertising Self-Evaluation Recap + Introduction In this section, we are going to try to answer a simple but important: Is your website and business ready to begin investing in paid advertising? We will discuss a brief industry overview of our options and then walk ourselves through a few questions addressing whether or not your… read more »

Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup Checklist

Setting Up Google Analytics Introduction This checklist, part of our Pulling It Together ecommerce website series, takes you through creating and configuring your Google Analytics instance. Why do we need this done? Regardless of whether or not we decide to do paid advertising, we need to be aware of what people on our website are… read more »